Conclusión proyecto Erasmus+ Art Matters

Los resultados del recién concluido proyecto Erasmus+  Art Matters pueden consultarse en la página web del proyecto:

Toda la información sobre las actividades, movilidades y talleres artísticos están disponibles en esta página web. Una publicación con información similar en formato pdf puede ser descargada de este enlace:

Si estás interesado en este tipo de proyectos o en nuestros institutos, contacta con nosotros.

Our Erasmus+ project, Art Matters, was fully successful despite the difficulties of the global Covid 19 situation.

The key to success was the effort made by the four schools:


 Athénée Royal de Rixensart-Wavre, l

Liceo Chiabrera Martini, Savona,

Zespol Szkol Plastycznych , Dąbrowa Górnicza,

We did our utmost to achieve all our objectives: both in terms of exchange of good artistic, linguistic and relational practices, and in terms of projects for the dissemination of our activities. The almost continuous exchanges between the four educational communities have allowed us to achieve our objectives in an excellent way.

We focused on the cultural heritage but also on the specific skills of each school.

Of course, we exchanged in English (pupils and teachers), trying to break down prejudices, to create friendly and professional relationships, to adapt to unusual situations, to make the students proud of what they had achieved.

We produced artworks before and after the mobilities but also during the mobilities in the workshops organised by each partner.

Moreover, students learned new and very specific techniques. They used artistic languages to show and defend our European culture, knowledge and skills. They had the opportunity to compare their knowledge with that of others. This allowed them to be inspired by others and to be even more creative and respectful of our heritage.

From a personal point-of-view, students learned to be autonomous and to take responsibility, to adapt to others in all areas, to project themselves into a European future.

Having involved so many teachers and so many students was a great experience of management. The students had to imagine and create a lot of activities and workshops, to be the spokespeople for our countries and regions, to share our European values, to be creative and proud of it.

Such a large number of teachers and students also makes it possible not to exclude anyone but to include everyone, regardless of their socio-economic background.

An experience that without the  Erasmus+ programme of the European Union would not have been possible.

The results of the recently concluded Erasmus+ Art Matters project are presented on the project website.

All information about the activities, mobilities and artistic workshops are available on this website.

A booklet with a similar information can be downloaded from this link:

Are you interested in the project? or in joining one of our schools?

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